RKS at NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference / 29th September 2016

Garf Bowen presented “Parallelism at all points helping to quantify reservoir uncertainty” at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

RKS at SPE ATCE 2016 / 26th September 2016

Ridgeway Kite exhibits at the SPE ATCE 2016 in Dubai, UAE. Tommy Miller and Gareth Shaw will attend.

New Benchmark! / 22nd June 2016

RKS successfully ports to IBM Power 8 architecture and benchmarks models on IBM Power CPUs and NVIDIA K80s.

New Agreement Signed! / 11th May 2016

Ridgeway Kite, EOG Resources and SM Energy Company signed an R&D agreement on a Completion Design & Optimization Tool for Unconventional Resources.