6X is a new reservoir simulator.  It has been created with massively parallel systems in mind from day one, on a new software architecture which also gives a degree of portability. 6X is capable of running on various hardware systems: CPUs (Intel & IBM Power), GPUs, MICs  on clusters, workstations and PCs, while retaining integrity of results.

Ridgeway Kite recognizes that speed is not everything, however it is a basic requirement for today’s demanding engineering workflows. Portability, robustness, reliability and consistent results go hand in hand with speed as necessary fundamentals.

Whilst 6X does not yet have the full breadth of functionality of legacy simulators, a set of new, differentiating features are available, identified from a comprehensive and informed review of industry needs. All features that are developed in 6X are able to exploit the massively parallel architecture, and include:

  • Scripting
  • Multiple Realizations – History Matching, Development Optimization, Sensitivities,….
  • Unconventionals
  • Kriging
  • Discretized wells
  • Coarsening workflow

6X was developed with a compositional formulation. However, the current version supports black-oil problems. Support of compositional data is under development.

Input is via Eclipse* keywords – which have been extended to cover the new functionality detailed above. Output is in Eclipse format files such as unified summary and unified restart files. However, 6X has its own html output for summary vectors and Excel output for Multiple Realisation runs.


* Eclipse is a mark of Schlumberger

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6X at 2018 SPE ATCE in Dallas / 11th September 2018

Ridgeway Kite will share a booth (#1435) with Nitec and Digital Formation at the SPE ATCE in Dallas, Texas from 24th to 26th September 2018. Tommy Miller, Chet Ozgen, Bill Baksi, Gareth Shaw & Peter Forster will be in attendance. Come and see the new developments in 6X.

See 6X at UrTec 2018 / 20th June 2018

Ridgeway Kite will share a booth (#2609) with Nitec and Digital Formation at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference in Houston, Texas from 23rd to 25th July 2018. Tommy Miller, Chet Ozgen, Bill Baksi & Peter Forster will be in attendance.

Bill Baksi joins RKS / 1st January 2018

Bill Baksi joins RKS as Sales & Marketing Manager, based in Houston. Bill has over 30 years experience in strategic marketing, sales and business development for software products and services in the O&G industry.

RKS at SPE ATCE 2017 / 21st September 2017

Ridgeway Kite will have a booth (#939) at the SPE ATCE 2017 in San Antonio, Texas from October 9th-11th. Tommy Miller and Peter Forster will attend. Come and see our new developments in 6X – especially in modelling Unconventional resources.