Technology Partnerships

Technology Partnerships are enhanced R&D collaboration projects between Ridgeway Kite and oil companies based on a specific theme. In principal these partnerships are long term and enable a synergistic relationship among the organisations. Partnerships are focused on solving specific problems through workshops and software development. Priority in simulator development as well as support and problem solving are given to partners.

Currently, Ridgeway Kite have the following two Technology Partnerships:



Our partnership with Maersk Oil started in July 2014 and focuses on general reservoir simulation development.


eog-logo            sm-energy

The Technology Partnership with EOG Resources & SM Energy is focused on developing a Completions Design and Optimization Tool for Unconventional Resources (CDOT). CDOT will model the following:

Unconventional Physics:

  • Multi-porosity flow modeling
  • Customizable connectivity
  • Adsorption and desorption
  • Salinity and swelling
  • Vapor-liquid equilibrium in confined media
  • Compositional fluid description

Rock Mechanical Effects:

  • Stress-dependent permeability enhancement and rock compaction
  • Hysteretic forms for propped and stimulated regions
  • Background elastic transmissibility compressibility
  • Slick water, gel and hybrid injection
  • Well PI augmentation
  • Stress shadowing

The CDOT Technology Partnership started on 1st May 2016.

Keep up to date with Ridgeway Kite

See 6X at UrTec 2018 / 22nd March 2018

Ridgeway Kite will share a booth (#2609) with Nitec and Digital Formation at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference in Houston, Texas from 23rd to 25th July 2018. Tommy Miller, Chet Ozgen, Bill Baksi & Peter Forster will be in attendance.

Bill Baksi joins RKS / 1st January 2018

Bill Baksi joins RKS as Sales & Marketing Manager, based in Houston. Bill has over 30 years experience in strategic marketing, sales and business development for software products and services in the O&G industry.

RKS at SPE ATCE 2017 / 21st September 2017

Ridgeway Kite will have a booth (#939) at the SPE ATCE 2017 in San Antonio, Texas from October 9th-11th. Tommy Miller and Peter Forster will attend. Come and see our new developments in 6X – especially in modelling Unconventional resources.

Peter Forster joins RKS / 1st August 2017

Peter Forster joins RKS on 1st August 2017 as Technical Support, based in Houston. Peter has over 30 years experience in oil and gas and was most recently the business development manager for reservoir simulation at Schlumberger.