The 6X Solution

Take full advantage of the latest computing architectures and new approaches that simplify simulation for engineers. 6X delivers consistent answers fast.

6X includes unique workflows with FULLY INTEGRATED MULTIPLE REALIZATION and GEOMECHANICS that eliminate duplication and coupling. The rich set of functionality fully integrated in 6X improves the productivity of reservoir engineers.

  • Black oil and Compositional
  • Unconventionals
  • Massively Parallel
  • Multiple Realizations
  • History Matching
  • Development Optimization
  • Sensitivities
  • Optimization under Uncertainty
  • Discretized Wells
  • Geomechanics
  • Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Advanced Scripting

One fully inclusive software license


Ridgeway Kite also provides optimized software development through Technology Partnerships where collaborative R&D rapidly produces new and advanced solutions for our partners. We improve workflows and create unique innovative functionality in 6X to give meaningful answers for your specific reservoirs.


We rapidly respond to client specific reservoir model challenges, and strive to capture far more of the engineering and geological complexity in your models.

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