Robert Archer

Business Development

Robert Archer is an accomplished petroleum engineering advisor with extensive reservoir simulation, production engineering and operations experience. In 2015, Robert co-founded Blue Wave Oil & Gas with Heikkinen Energy Advisors, a consulting firm providing portfolio reviews of performance, valuation and benchmarking generating strategic advice to management teams. Prior to co-founding Blue Wave, Robert served as the VP of Business Development and Engineering at Zone Energy, a private equity backed team operating an East Texas Woodbine water flood. In 1999, Robert co-founded Knowledge Reservoir, a subsurface consulting firm. In Ridgeway Kite, Robert is responsible for business development including lead generation, managing client evaluations and providing clients with project assistance.

Global Major licenses 6X

To help model their unconventional reservoirs, another global major energy company has licensed multiple copies of 6X in North America.
“This is the second major international energy company to have licensed 6X in the last couple of months. It is a clear indication of the acceptance of 6X in providing a unique solution for clients to model the added complexities of unconventional reservoirs, improve production and reduce costs” commented Tommy Miller, RKS CEO.