SOFTWARE LICENSING – Low Cost of Ownership

6X provides clients with the most transparent license model currently on offer in the sector. All simulator capabilities are included in a single software license.

This includes Black Oil, Compositional, and Unconventionals.  Multiple Realization, Kriging, grid refinement (Coarsening), and Geomechanics capabilities are integral parts of the standard simulator package.

Engineers are free to run on as many CPUs (or GPUs) as they have available, with as many realizations as their hardware allows. This flexibility increases confidence in the simulation results, and is enabled without additional software cost penalties or increased software overhead.

The 6X license provides access to all currently released commercially capabilities in the software.

Users may choose the optimal hardware configuration on which to run including multi CPU and GPU servers. The software license has no limitation to the number or type of processor or cores, number of concurrent realizations, or size of model. No extras required.

Our focus is to deliver a high degree of portability, robustness, reliability and consistency of results across all platforms.


Hardware Requirements

The software runs on Intel and IBM Power CPUs and also NVIDIA GPUs. 6X has been designed to take full advantage of the parallel computation provided for by GPU based processors.

It is released on both Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems.  The software is also available on Cloud systems from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

As hardware and operating system configurations change frequently, please contact Ridgeway Kite for up-to-date hardware operating information.

Computer Processing Units (CPU)

6X currently runs on systems with the following processors:

      • Intel – With Windows 10 or Ubuntu Linux Operating Systems
      • IBM Power – With Linux Operating System

Executables are available for the following Linux Operating Systems:

      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x and 7.x
      • Amazon Linux

Others can be provided if required.

6X executables for CPU-only installations are available. Installation packs come with MPI runtime distribution environments which are required for parallel runs.

Graphic Processing Units (GPU)

6X can also run on systems with Nvidia GPUs installed. Examples are:

      • GeForce GTX 940M
      • GeForce GTX 1080 (& 1080 Ti)
      • Tesla K80
      • Tesla P100
      • Tesla V100

Systems will require that the appropriate device driver is installed.

Illustration of CPU to GPU processor philosophy