2023 UrTec:

  1. 3870693: Integrated Numerical Modelling of a Huff-n-Puff Pilot in Eagle Ford.”
    • C. Karacaer1, P. Vajjha2, E. Agartan1, E. Hart2, M. Herrin2, C. Thompson2, S. Bacho2, C. Ozgen1, P. Chapman2, D. Bennett2 (1NITEC LLC; 2Devon Energy).
  2. 3871655: An Integrated Triple-porosity Reservoir Modeling Case Study to Evaluate/Improve Well Spacing in Uinta Basin
    • M. Gaddipati1, J. Hervey2, R. Zaback2, M. Boyce2, K. Babcock2, O. Apaydin2, T. Firincioglu1 (1NITEC LLC; 2KODA Resources).

2022 UrTec:

  1. 3723983: An Integrated Reservoir Modeling Case Study in the Permian Basin: Model Calibration and Predictions.
    • M. Gaddipati1, H. Sarak1, B. Musgrove2, T. Itibrout2, J. Stachowiak2, T. Firincioglu1 (1NITEC LLC; 2Devon Energy).

2021 UrTec:

  1. 5649: A Simulation Study to Evaluate Operational Parameter Ranges for a Successful Cyclic Gas Injection in Different Areas of the Eagle Ford.
    • M. Gaddipati, B. Basbug, T. Firincioglu (Nitec)
  2. 5066: Multi-well Modeling in the Eagle Ford: An Investigation of Redevelopment, Infill and Refrac Opportunities.
    • C. Karacaer1, E. Agartan1, P. Chapman2, J. Roberts2, D. Glazier2, C. Ozgen1 (1NITEC LLC; 2Devon Energy)

2020 UrTec:

  1. 1482: Unlocking Unconventional Reservoir with a Fully Integrated Reservoir Simulation.
    • Peng Ye1, Valerie Hallam1, Frank Hovland1, Lee Nguyen, Faisal Rasdi1 (1Equinor)
  2. 2914: A Reservoir Simulation-Oriented Investigation into Large-Scale Conductive Fractures in the Mississippian STACK Oil Reservoirs.
    • C. M. Freeman1, S. Geetan2, R. MacDonald2, T. Firincioglu1, C. Ozgen1 (1NITEC LLC; 2InvoQ Energy formerly with Alta Mesa Resources)
  3. 3221: Overcoming the Limitations of the SRV Concept
    • M. Gaddipati1, C. Karacaer1, C. Ozgen1, T. Firincioglu1, G. Bowen2, I. Pallister2, G. Shaw2 (1NITEC LLC; 2Ridgeway Kite)
  4. 2582: An Integrated Reservoir Modeling Case Study to Simulate Multi-stage Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Wells, based on Seismic, Petrophysical and Geological data for Pinedale Tight Gas Fluvial Reservoir.
    • M. Gaddipati1, T. Firincioglu1, E. LaBarre2, Y. Yang2, D. Wahl2, P. Clarke2, A. Long2, C. Ozgen1 (1NITEC LLC; 2Ultra Petroleum)

Other 2020 Papers:

  1. Impact of Temporary Well Shut-ins on Unconventional Reservoir Performance
    • A NITEC LLC research white paper (Dr. Tuba Firincioglu, Dr. Basar Basbug, Dr. Matt Freeman, Vladimir Petutin, Dr. Hulya Sarak – May 2020)
  2. Importance of Integrated Geomechanics in Shale Re-Frac Modeling
    • Jairo Corredor, SPE ATW on “Smart Integration in Production System Modeling” (18-19th February 2020, The Woodlands)