Drawing together our client’s knowledge, their applied experience of reservoirs and their unique engineering challenges, combined with our software engineering expertise, can solve problems fast, thereby rapidly creating differentiating value.

Ridgeway Kite provides optimized software development through Technology Partnerships where collaborative R&D is focused to rapidly produce new and advanced solutions for our partners. We improve workflows and create unique, innovative functionality in 6X to give meaningful answers for your specific reservoirs.

Our first highly productive collaborative partnership was with Maersk/Total, established in 2014 for a multi-year period added specific capabilities for conventional reservoirs.

In 2016 a Partnership with EOG Resources, SM Energy and NITEC was established. It is focused on developing a Completions Design and Optimization Tool for Unconventional Resources (CDOT).

EOG ResourcesSM Energy


CDOT models the following:

Unconventional Physics:

  • Multi-porosity flow modeling
  • Customizable connectivity
  • Adsorption and desorption
  • Salinity and swelling
  • Vapor-liquid equilibrium in confined media
  • Compositional fluid description

Rock Mechanical Effects:

  • Stress-dependent permeability enhancement and rock compaction
  • Hysteretic forms for propped and stimulated regions
  • Background elastic transmissibility compressibility
  • Slick water, gel and hybrid injection
  • Well PI augmentation
  • Stress shadowing