Ridgeway Kite offers the following range of services to support our clients and users:

      • Software Maintenance & Support is a subscription service to sustain and enhance the software.
      • Training is a flexible program of course material that can be tailored to meet specific user needs.
      • User Assistance is a broad set of services ranging from peer to peer to “How to” support.
      • Project Optimization provides advice on techniques that may reduce individual project run times.
      • Project Assistance to apply new ideas or deliver end to end simulation studies.
      • Software Customization to add unique software functionality, or tune the software to the client’s hardware installation.


Software Maintenance & Support

Ridgeway Kite provides Software Maintenance and Support to Clients on an annual subscription basis. The purpose of the maintenance service is to ensure that the software is continuously kept updated and of good quality, and to ensure that any errors found in the software have minimal impact on Users’ operations.

User Support

Within normal working hours (UK and USA), Ridgeway Kite provides Users with assistance to address software problems over the telephone through our software support helpdesk. We provide Users with a dedicated phone number and email for support enquiries. Our qualified staff will respond in a timely manner. If required Ridgeway Kite can use the client’s support systems/databases for recording and following up errors.

Telephone UK:  +44 1235  838610

Telephone USA:  +1 (832) 690 5836



Error Correction

Our team will begin identification and rectification of errors without undue delay once they receive details of the error. Fixes to errors are provided to users as soon as they have been tested. These are consolidated  and included in periodically released software versions.



To ensure future-proofing for clients, Ridgeway Kite ensures that its software is kept compatible with new versions of supported operating systems for the hardware platforms on which the software is installed.

Software Enhancements

Ridgeway Kite works on a continual basis on the software to correct, modify, and improve it’s operation, as well as implementing new functionality. These activities result in new software versions. Users receive maintenance releases and new versions as part of their subscription service, to be installed at their discretion.



The software is fully documented, and as bug fixes and new versions are released, the documentation is updated accordingly.


User Group

Users are encouraged to actively participate in the 6X annual user group meeting to help guide and prioritize future development of the software.


Optional Support Services

To maximize the value derived by clients from their use of 6X Ridgeway Kite offers a range of services on a contract basis. These services are not included in the standard Software Maintenance subscription.

Training Courses

Ridgeway Kite offers a range of training courses from ”An Introduction to the 6X Simulator”, to courses related to a specific subject area such as Unconventionals, or Multiple Realizations. The duration of the courses can be tailored to meet specific client requirements.

Public courses in Houston are also available with reservations taken on a first response basis.

Project Optimization

Time and available resources are always at a premium with deadlines to meet and a finite computing resource on tap. Having developed the simulator RKS engineers have a unique insight into the way individual parameters may affect the results and the performance, thus being able to provide advice on approaches that could significantly impact run times.

Software Customization

6X has a rich set of functionality to meet a wide range of reservoir simulation tasks. However, should there be a specific engineering requirement, the software can potentially be extended to address these needs. This service can be designed to include:

      • Platform Optimization to improve the overall performance of the software on a specific hardware implementation.
      • Assistance in Tuning of a model to help reduce the computation time.
      • Extending the simulator functionality to meet a specific engineering or business requirement.

User Assistance

Following training Ridgeway Kite offers an adhoc “How to” Assistance program designed to help users address specific tasks with the simulator. This service can be delivered remotely via Webex for relatively straightforward tasks. For more extended assistance such as guidance in setting up a History Match, or building a Fracture model, one of our consultants can work onsite to support the user to complete the task with their data.


Project Assistance

A project-based contract services can be provided in conjunction with our industry service partner NITEC, delivering decision support services to address reservoir engineering challenges on a project basis.