Technology Bulletins

From May 2020, we have started a series of Technology Bulletins to illustrate solutions that 6X provides for Unconventional resources.

      1. Enhanced Geothermal Systems Modeling (19th September 2022)
          • Model Enhanced Geothermal Processes for Renewable Energy Generation
      2. Enhanced Oil Recovery (9th December 2021)
          • Extract Extra Oil from Unconventional Reservoirs
      3. Stress Shadowing (12th October 2021)
          • Model the Effect of Well and Stage Spacing on the Induced Stress Field
      4. Infill Wells (28th January 2021)
          • Manage Spacing and Timing while Limiting Fracture Driven Interactions
      5. Well Completions (7th December 2020)
          • Optimize Well Design for ROI and Performance
      6. Stimulated Reservoir Volume (3rd November 2020)
          • Understanding Propped & Unpropped Fractures
      7. Extreme Limited Entry (29th September 2020)
          • A Well Design Application to Reduce Stage Count
      8. Re-fracturing (9th July 2020)
          • Optimize Re-fracture Design to Maximize Drainage
      9. Proppant Optimization (12th June 2020)
          • Sizing Your Treatment to Maximize Well Economics
      10. One Model (22nd May 2020)
          • Together At Last: Geomechanics, Hydraulic Fracturing and Flow Simulation in a Fully Integrated Model

Coming soon:

Perforation & Erosion Model

      • Technology: Multi-Porosity
      • Gels & Gel Breakers